Marisa J. Futernick
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Experiencing Architecture
Premiere of new short film, Royal Academy of Arts at Walmer Yard, London, April 21, 2018

Group exhibition at Watch It Gallery, London, July 2017

13 Presidents
Find out about the recent artist's book, published by Slimvolume and shortlisted for the BarTur Photobook Award from The Photographers' Gallery

13 Presidents: A Reading Room Exhibition, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK

October 18—November 13, 2016

13 Presidents: US and UK events program
A series of live events that took place across the US and UK in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election

ART PAPERS Magazine: Artist's project

9-page extract from artist's book 13 Presidents; read online here

How I Taught Umberto Eco to Love the Bomb

Limited edition artist's book, co-published by RA Editions & California Fever Press